Studio V Ink has had a busy 2019 so far… In addition to the ongoing regular illustrations for Juno magazine, there are a few more client web design projects in the works, another art & music event on the horizon and a wee foray into the world of tattooing! (I’ll be heading to the Scottish Tattoo Convention later this month for some ‘research’!).

It has been almost six months since the Studio V Ink launch and momentum is slowly building. I have some potentially interesting sustainable, environmental and eco-friendly projects coming up – super excited about those as that’s the whole ethos of Studio V Ink. I want to build on that reputation.

First up though, two web design projects; one for the Real Period Project (link is to their current, to be replaced website!) and another for chainsaw wood sculptor Skelf Carving. I love designing the websites, but it’s still fun to get the paints and pencils out, which is why, if all goes to plan, I’ll also be creating an illustrated door for Painted Doors Aberdeen 2019. Watch this space for news…

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