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Web design for charity

Get a brand new website AND give back

Want a web design that also supports charity? Now you can! Get a friendly and affordable website design for your small business, creative project or start ups and we give a percentage of the design fees to charity. We set out to do things differently when we launched Studio V Ink. We love getting creative and working with like minded people who inspire us, while also giving back. That’s why a percentage of all our fees go to charity or community projects.

Now you can start your design project knowing that, in addition to getting a shiny new website, you’re also giving back.

Our web design charity for 2019-2020

Studio V Ink has chosen Scottish Wildcat Action as our web design charity for this year. Last year we raised over £270 for BMDR, and we’re hoping to beat that this year! So, as well as getting a shiny new website design, your business will also be helping wildlife in Scotland.

From their website: “Scottish Wildcat Action is a Heritage Lottery Fund supported partnership project. It is made up of over 20 organisations and Scotland’s leading experts on wildcat conservation.”

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