Illustration in web design

Illustration in web design

Illustration gives your website an organic feel

Illustration in web design is a huge trend right now. Illustrations give your website a quirky feel which helps your brand to connect with your target audience and express its personality.

A bespoke illustration style to represent your brand helps your website stand out from the crowd. For example, a local farm shop could use illustrations as a brilliant visual tool to communicate its organic values.

Many small businesses get their message across by using illustration in web design. They are attracted to the hand drawn, ethical appearance, while consumers respond well to the friendly, small scale feel. Even digital illustrations convey a friendly message and make a website appear less corporate.

Illustration can unify a design and totally transform its look, feel and mood. Whether it’s a social media campaign, an infographic or a simple brochure, illustrations add personality to your designs. A hand drawn piece with all of its imperfections can give your website a down to earth feel. The trend for using illustrations is set to increase in 2019-2020, as consumers search out eco-friendly and local, independent brands.

Do you need an illustration for your web design project?

We showcase hand drawn styles, digitally created illustrations and a combination of the two on our dedicated illustration site. We illustrate regularly for Juno magazine and create illustrations for a range of private, editorial and commercial projects.

Use illustration to carve a niche for your company defined by its personality and individual attitude. To commission an illustration for your latest web or print project, contact Studio V Ink or head over to the dedicated illustration site to view the latest work.

Alternatively, email for commission enquiries or collaborations:

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