working from home

Working from home

Why work from home?

Working from home is increasingly a great alternative to the daily commute, but it isn’t as easy as plonking your laptop down on the dining room table. Wearing pjs all day might sound like the dream, but that won’t cut it for those work from home and still want to be professional. One thing is definite though: it’s much greener than commuting to an office every day.

But, while it’s easy to concentrate on the environmental benefits of working from home, the mental and emotional ones are sometimes just as important. There are lots of ways that working from home can make you just as happy, healthy, and successful as you might be working in an office. To make sure you create and maintain a healthy home working environment, it’s important schedule sufficient breaks, to help keep your mind and body moving throughout the day.

Your workspace

Set aside a dedicated space to work to help you stay focused and motivated. Keeping it free of distractions so you can concentrate. If you can, find a space that actually inspires you!


While spending your day staring at a computer isn’t super physically demanding, it does take a toll on your posture and muscles. Don’t be scared to splash out on a good quality chair. Once you’re sitting 40 hours a week on it, your body will thank you!

Working from home – benefits

The environmental, emotional, and mental benefits are huge, so if you hate commuting, if you’re most productive outside a traditional 9-5 schedule, or if you want to have a more flexible career or start your own business, then working from home might be the answer.

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